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Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench

The Purpose Behind The Precision.


Our Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench is complete with the great American Made quality you have come to expect from Fasst Company's original Spoke Torque Wrench with the addition of adjustability.


The wrench is adjustable from 20-60 in. lbs.; select your own torque or use our recommendation. Simply turn the barrel to your desired torque. Tighten the spoke until you hear and feel a click, ensuring the correct amount of tension providing you an even pull over your entire wheel for exceptional strength.

Our Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench is a precision instrument designed to take out the guess work and delivered to you in a plastic blow molded box with foam inserts to accommodate twelve heads. Like Fasst Company's Original Spoke Torque Wrench, our Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench and Heads also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Twelve interchangeable heads to chose from (4.0mm, 5.0mm, 5.6mm, 6.0mm, 6.2mm, 6.3mm, 6.4mm, 6.5mm, 6.7mm, 6.8mm, 7.1mm, 7.4mm and Spline Drive), available below or in our store


Looking to add a cool custom touch to your Spoke Torque Wrench with laser engraving? Click HERE for more info.



  1. Eliminates guesswork

    Eliminates the guesswork of wheel and spoke maintenance.

  2. Provides proper technique

    Provides an even pull throughout the wheel for maximum strength.

  3. Adjustable and versatile

    Adjusts from 20 to 60 inch pounds and torques in both directions.

  4. Premium quality + warranty

    Produced out of drawn-over-mandrel tubing with precision machined, heat treated tool steel internals for accuracy. Lifetime Warranty on the Spoke Torque Wrench & Head

  5. Custom Laser Engraving

Add your name or logo to the Spoke Torque Wrench. After placing your wrench in the cart, select "continue shopping," then select "custom laser" from the order box. We will email you for instructions on what you would like.



Lifetime Warranty on materials and craftsmanship. Misuse, modification, abuse or neglect will not be just cause for warranty.  



Application Chart

Beta Wrench Head Size
Moto/Off-road 6.8 F/R
Trials 6.8 F/R
BMW Wrench Head Size
GS 650 5.6 F, 6.0 R
GS 800 6.0 F, 6.8 R
Gas Gas Wrench Head Size
Gas Gas - older models 6.0 F/R
2015-2019 MX/off-road 6.0 F, 6.8 R
Trials bikes 6.0F, 6.8R
2020+ 85+  6.8 F/R
2020+ 50/65  5.5 F/R
Honda Wrench Head Size
CR 125/250/500: pre 2002 6.0 F, 6.3 R
CR 125/250/450F: 2002-present 6.0 F, 6.5 R
CRF 150: all 6.0 F/R
CR 80/85: all 6.0 F/R
XR 250/400/600/650R: all 6.0 F/R
XR/CRF 80/100: all 5.0 F/R
CRF 150/230: all 5.6 F/R
XR/CRF 50: all 4.0 F/R
* The 6.0 and 6.5 Heads are the correct Heads to use with our wrenches on any Honda calling out for either a 5.9 or 6.4 head size.
Husqvarna Wrench Head Size
50/65 5.5
85/105 6.8 F/R
All models: up to 1999 6.2 F/R
All models: 2000-2005 5.6 F, 6.0 R
All models: 2006-present 6.8 F/R
Kawasaki Wrench Head Size
KX 60/65: all 5.0 F/R
KX 80/85/100: 1999-2017 6.0 F/R
KX 125/250/500: pre 1999 6.0 F, 6.3 R
KX 125/250/250F: 1999-2004 6.7 F/R
KX 125: 2005-2007 6.7 F/R
KX 250: 2005-2007 6.0 F, 6.7 R
KX250F/450F: 2006-present 6.0 F 6.7 R
KLX 250/300: all 6.0 F/R
KDX 200/220: all 6.0 F/R
KLR 650: all 6.0 F/R
KTM Wrench Head Size
All full size models 6.8 F/R
85/105 6.8 F/R
50/65: all 5.5 F/R
Sherco Wrench Head Size
All full size models 6.8 F/R
Suzuki Wrench Head Size
RM 80/85: all 5.0 F/R
RM 125/250/RMZ250F: 2000-2004 6.2 F, 6.7 R
RM 125/250: 2005-present 6.2 F, 6.7 R
RMZ 250F/450F: 2005-present 6.2 F, 6.5 R
DR/DRZ 250/350: all 6.0 F/R
DRZ 400: 2000-2005 6.2 F, 6.5 R
MX/Offroad 6.0 F/R
Tusk 6.5 F/R
Yamaha Wrench Head Size
YZ/WR 125/250/400: pre 1999 6.0 F, 6.2 R
YZ/YZF/WR 125-250 / 250-400-426-450F: 1999-2004 6.2 F, 6.7 R
YZ 125/250: 2005-present 6.2 F, 6.5 R
YZF/WR 250F/450F: 2005 6.2 F, 6.7 R
YZF/WR 250F/450F: 2006-present 6.2 F, 6.5 R
YZ 80/85: all 5.6 F/R
YZ 65 5.0 F/R
TTR 250: all 5.6 F, 6.0 R
TTR 125: all 5.6 F/R
TTR 50: all 4.0 F/R
HARLEY-DAVIDSON** Wrench Head Size
Pre-1980 ** 5.6 F/R **
1980 to current ** 6.0 or 6.2 (see below) **
We have narrowed down the Harley-Davidson applications to 3 sizes, 5.6, 6.0, and 6.2. This has been very difficult due to the vast number of units sold. Above are the head sizes that Harley Davidson orders from us as well as the general size by decades. If you have any questions or feedback shoot us an email or call so we can get you the correct head for your wheels.
SplineDrive Wrench Head Size
Splinedrive Universal

Chart Key

  • F - fits front
  • R - fits rear
  • F/R - fits front and rear
  • Head sizes: 4.0, 5.0, 5.6, 6.0, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.7, 6.8, 7.4 and Spline Drive.
  • We make heads to fit most nipple sizes. If your model is not listed or if you have any questions please call us at 877-306-1801.


Frequently Asked Questions


Should I choose a preset or adjustable spoke torque wrench?

The Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench was designed for the rider who has several different bike styles or sizes. For example a 50cc and a 450cc or a 450 and a Harley. For riders that only ride a specific genre of bike we suggest our pre-set spoke torque wrench. We recommend 48inch pounds for most motocross and off-road applications from 80cc to 650cc. 50cc and 65cc bikes require only 36 inch pounds of torque. Most customers can maintain the majority of the wheels they come across with our preset spoke torque wrench.


Why do I want to maintain my wheels with a spoke torque wrench?

Maintaining your wheels with spoke torque wrench allows an even pull over the whole wheel allowing for loads to be distributed evenly throughout the wheel. Without an even pull the wheel will pull to the tight spokes becoming un-true, out of round or bent. The Spoke Torque Wrench makes it very easy to maintain your wheels properly, inspiring confidence that the wheel has been serviced properly.


What is so special about this tool?

Fasst Company's Spoke Wrench Heads are designed to fit both the width and height of the nipple. This often over looked fact allows a greater purchase of the wrench head onto the nipple eliminating rounding off, cracking or deformation of the nipple while servicing your wheel. Milled to exacting tolerances to fit your bikes specific nipples our Heads come with a lifetime warranty. Our heads perform so well that other manufactures have not only knocked off our wrench and head designs albeit with shoddy import quality they specifically tell customers to purchase our heads from us when theirs fail.


Will it save me money?

A Spoke Torque Wrench will save you money in the long run as you extend the life of your wheel, barring some catastrophic impact. When we were testing the validity of the spoke torque wrench we were able to use our sample rims significantly longer than before the wheels were maintained with a spoke torque wrench.


Can my kids use the tool properly?

Yes, the spoke torque wrench is a great tool to allow kids to do maintenance on their own bikes. If you can read and follow directions you can successfully maintain your wheels with a Fasst Company spoke torque wrench.


How do I use my Spoke Torque Wrench?

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