Flexx Handlebar Topics


Which bar bend is similar to....?

Take a minute and look through the bar bend charts below to find which bar is similiar to what you're currently running. 

Motorcycle Bend Chart 

ATV Bend Chart 

Adventure Bend Chart

Mini Bend Chart


Which bar bend would be best for me, my bike, and the riding I'm doing? 

Great question, and we're certainly happy to help get you pointed in the best direction. We put together some informative blogs that help provide an understanding of what factors come into play when selecting the proper bar bend for you and your preferences. Don't hesitate to reach out, we're happy to help if any additional input is needed!

5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Bar Bend

3 Crucial Dimensions Of A Bar Bend

What Your Handlebar Position Is Telling You


Already have Flexx Handlebars but aren't sure which bar bend you have?

By checking the sweep stamp as well as measuring the height and width, we can narrow in on exactly which Flexx Bar you have. Click HERE for more details on how you can identify the bend of your Flexx Handlebar.


How do I change elastomers and tune my Flexx Handlebars?

The Flexx Handlebar is surprisingly tunable. Between the elastomers and the elastomer nut you can make the bar as soft or as stiff as you'd like. Click the link below to be sure you're getting the most out of your Flexx Handlebars.

Tuning Your Flexx Handlebars


What elastomer combination should I run?

Totally personal preference. Everyone's a little different with what they want out of the bar.  Some riders struggle with numbness, carpal tunnel, bad wrists, etc. Some riders have nagging injuries and some folks just want to smash through obstacles harder without the harsh impact at their hands. Everyone’s a little different with how they want the bar to help them. We tell folks to spend a few days riding with the different elastomers to get an idea of how capable the bar is and from there you have a good idea of what the bar can do and what you like best. 


Will the Flexx Handlebar work with steering dampers?

Yes, the Flexx Handlebar will work with steering stabilizers from all manufactures. If the damper is mounted under the bar, the Flexx Bar will sit right on top, plug-and-play. If the damper is mounted above the bar, you'll need the raised damper crossbars to allow room for mounting the damper above the bar. For new orders your bars can be built with damper crossbars at no extra charge. 


What handguard options do you have for the Flexx Handlebar?

You can mount pretty much any handguard to the Flexx Handlebar, especially flag style roost deflectors. The easiest full wrap bark buster to mount is our Simple Solution Guard, as it was designed specifically for our handlebar. We also offer our Straight Cut Handguard Mounts which is an external mount that bolts to the pivot pin and works best with Enduro Engineering, Moose, MSR, and G2 handguards. Cycra has also has several options but we prefer the Cycra CRM as it takes less tweaking to mount. Here are directions to mount the Cycra CRM


How often do they need serviced?

Flexx Handlebars purchased after January 2010 are maintenance free. The current generation of Flexx Handlebars utilizes a fiber bushing to prevent the need for any service or maintenance. To check to make sure you have the newer version, quickly remove your crossbars and look for the bushing encompassing the pivot pin. 


Is there a warranty on Flexx Handlebars?

There is, as long as you’re the original owner and have valid proof of purchase. We offer a pro-rated crash damage warranty as well as a manufacturer defect warranty. We’re one of the very few brands in the industry that offer any kind of warranty, let alone a crash damage warranty. To read more on the warranty, click HERE.


How do I tell if my Flexx Handlebar is Gen 1, Gen 2, or Gen 3? 

You can tell which generation bar you have by the laser markings on the center section. “FB3 Technology” indicates our latest gen 3 bar. “With FB Technology” indicates the older gen 2 bar. If it doesn’t have either it’s most likely an older gen 1 bar. Click THIS LINK for more detailed photos if you need.


Why doesn't Fasst Company sell replacement handles and centers?

First and foremost, it's a big insurance liability to sell the main structural components of the bar separately, otherwise we'd have folks piecing together 20 year old handlebars in their garage and we'd be at fault in the event of a failure. Another big reason we don't sell handles or center sections separately is if you have a big crash that damages or bends one component of the bar, that stress riser can spread through multiple components and just replacing a single component isn't the safest solution. Additionally, the retail cost on a handle or center section with the hardware required to replace it costs more than the price of a replacement bar through our crash damage warranty program.


How do I use tie-downs with Flexx Handlebars?

When using tie downs with the Flexx Bar you want to be sure not to compress the elastomers while tying the bike down. Use a soft tie to go through the center section of the bar. DO NOT put the tie down hook on the handle and compress the elastomer, it will create issues with the elastomers. Click HERE for a demonstration. 


Is there always a back-order on Flexx Handlebars?

Almost always, but we can connect you to one of our stocking dealers that should have the bend you need ready to ship. Sometimes certain bends may ship quicker than others, we don’t wait for your order to build your bar, but we’re in a constant battle trying to keep up with the demand. In addition, manufacturing and assembling Flexx Handlebars is a lengthy process. Flexx Handlebars are machined and built by hand right here in the USA, allowing for unparalleled quality control. If we were manufacturing Flexx Handlebars in Taiwan they wouldn’t be the quality and durable product people have come to expect from us. Great things take time.


Anti-Vibration Inserts Topics

Will the Anti-Vibration Inserts work with hand guards?

We offer two types of Anti Vibration Inserts; Threaded and non threaded. If you're running a full wrap around bark buster, you're best off to run the Threaded Anti Vib Insert as it doubles as a threaded hand guard anchor. If you're not running a full wrap bark buster then the non threaded inserts will work perfectly. 


Will the Anti-Vibration Inserts work on OEM steel bars?

No. Fasst Company’s Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts were designed to work with aluminum bars that have a smaller ID than steel bars.



Spoke Wrench Topics

Which Spoke Torque Wrench do I need, the Pre-Set or Adjustable?

Fasst Company offers two spoke torque wrenches, a Pre-set and an Adjustable. Our Pre-set Spoke Torque Wrench has been the choice of factory mechanics since 1999, while our Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench is the choice of wheel builders world wide. For riders with one bike or bikes from 80cc on up our Pre-Set Spoke Torque Wrench is a great choice. For riders maintaining many different sizes of bikes for example a CRF 50 and a CRF 450 we recommend using our adjustable wrench as bikes with such a disparity in size require different torques.

The Pre-set wrench torque can be set by Fasst Company anywhere between 10 and 100 inch pounds. We recommend 48 inch pounds for most applications as this torque is not abusive to the motorcycles components (from 80cc on up) and will not rapidly loosen. If you have a Pre-set Wrench and would like to adjust the torque please call us and we will walk you through what needs to be done. You can also send it back to us and we will recalibrate it for you.


My manual calls for a different torque than 48 inch pounds?

Most OEM manuals call out between 25 and 30 inch pounds for spoke torque. Through our extensive testing we found this to be to light of a torque to adequately hold up to the demands put on your wheels. We send out over 99% of our wrenches out at 48 inch pounds. This torque is not abusive to the components on most bikes (from 80cc motocross bikes on up) and will not rapidly loosen up on you either.


What is the difference between the Fasst Company Spoke Torque Wrench and the competition?

Fasst Company’s Spoke Torque Wrench is the original Spoke Torque Wrench, we brought it to market in 1999 with the help of Factory Mechanic Mike Gosselaar. Both of Fasst Company’s Spoke Torque Wrenches are 100% AMERICAN MADE, unlike our competitions which are manufactured overseas. They are also the only Spoke Torque Wrenches that come with a Lifetime Warranty. We also offer our Lifetime Warranty on our spoke wrench heads as well.