Flexx Handlebars

Easily tunable, independent suspension for your hands.

All the movement of the bar is articulating near the plane of the front suspension for the most natural feel possible. Minimizing abuse in the load path, precise in the steer path. You should never feel a properly set up Flexx Handlebar move while riding, it should feel similar to a traditional handlebar on the track/trail but you'll notice substantially less discomfort at the hands and upper body throughout the ride. That’s not magic, that’s years of testing and development at play. And that's why your front suspension suddenly feels like it's working better. That’s our philosophy. 

Our philosophy has always been to minimize the abuse as naturally as possible. You don't want to feel your bars move while riding, right? We agree, but there are a lot of benefits if you do it a natural manner, and that’s where our philosophy comes in. The fact that our handlebar travels in the same plane as the suspension is not by accident or oversight, it’s by design, in an effort to maintain traditional characteristics. Click HERE to learn more about our philosophy.

With that said, let’s dive further into tuning the Flexx Bars to get the best performance.

There are two areas of adjustment with the Flexx Handlebars.

1. ElastomersWe have 4 different stiffness elastomers. Consider this the “tuning”

2. Elastomer nutYou can run the nut anywhere from 2-5 threads. Consider this the “fine tuning”

It’s worth testing with the different elastomers to see how capable the Flexx Handlebar is and to see what works best for you and your preferences. With each elastomer you use, you have some tunability by tightening or loosening the elastomer nut. By tightening the elastomer nut (say to the 5th thread) you’re compressing the elastomers and making the initial hit on the bar more stiff, so you’ll feel more vibration from the bike and more chatter from the terrain. If you loosen the elastomer nut (say to the 2nd thread) the bar will be able to absorb more of that vibration and chatter before it reaches your hands.

Compression Elastomer Color Break Down:
Red - Hard
Yellow - Medium
Blue - Soft
Green - VERY Soft, great in our Low Bar and Mini Bends.

Rebound Elastomer Color Break Down:
Red - Hard
Yellow - Medium

We want to reiterate that between the elastomers and elastomer nut, you can make the Flexx Bar as soft or as stiff as you’d like. Watch the videos below to get a better idea of tuning the Flexx Bar.

Elastomer Nut - 2nd Thread (Soft)

Elastomer Nut - 5th Thread (Stiff)

For discipline based bar bend info, click HERE
Need guidance selecting the best bar bend for you and your preferences? We're happy to help! Give us a call at (877) 306-1801 or send an email by clicking HERE