Rear Brake Return Spring
Replace your broke KTM brake return spring with our tunable Brake Spring Kit.

Rear Brake Return Spring

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Finding the tunability of rear brakes.

Our Rear Brake Return Spring offers tunable pedal resistance and a more controllable feel by placing the spring in compression instead of tension, minimizing the "on-off" feel of most rear brakes.

The pedal resistance can be adjusted by how much preload is placed on the spring. The Return Spring Kit also minimizes debris from jamming the master cylinder as well as eliminating the stock tension return spring that attaches to the pedal.

Rear Brake Pedal Return Spring Kit consists of spring, spring bucket and nut. The Spring Bucket contains the spring as well as seals the master cylinder with the stock rubber dust boot.


  1. Tuning the rear brake.

    Creates tunable pedal resistance and improved feel.

  2. No more on/off.

    Minimizes the ON / OFF feel of most rear brakes.

  3. Adjustable spring preload.

    Spring pre-load determines level of resistance.

  4. Keep it clean.

    Minimizes debris from jamming master cylinder.

What's in the kit

  1. Brake return spring & nut.
  2. Anodized billet aluminum bucket.

Application Chart 

Motorcycle Application Part Number
KTM/Husqvarna / Brembo/Magura 2003-2022 BC-1RS-6K
6mm Master Cylinder Push Rod BC-1RS-6
8mm Master Cylinder Push Rod BC-1RS-8

Application Notes

  • Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki 4-strokes motocross applications require the 6mm Spring Kit  (BC-1RS-6).
  • Kawasaki KXF requires the 8mm Spring Kit  (BC-1RS-8).
  • Brembo Spring kits do not currently work on 690, 701, 1090,1190, or 1290s. We're working on an application for this system. 
  • Brembo Spring kits work on 2018 Husqvarnas Magura brakes. 
  • Quads require the 8mm Spring Kit (BC-1RS-8).
  • If your bike/quad has a 10mm adjuster or locking nut you will need the 6mm Spring Kit (BC-1RS-6).
  • If your bike/quad has a 12mm adjuster or locking nut you will need the 8mm Spring Kit (BC-1RS-8)

*Please note when ordering whether your master cylinder shaft is 6mm or 8mm as well as whether it is a Brembo/Magura (KTM/Husq/Hus) or Nissin (Japanese bike/Beta). If your master cylinder has a 10mm adjuster or jam nut on the push rod, you need a 6mm application. If your master cylinder has a 12mm adjuster or jam nut on the push rod, you need a 8mm application. If you need help determining which size it is please call or email us.

 Click for install instructions for Nissin applications.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jack Wilson

Great Product so simple and works really well.

Patrick Kraft
Rear brake spring and clevis is awesome

Replaced the factory clevis and spring with fasst setup. Super happy with the quality and function and it looks awesome as well. Pedal feel is great! I love that I won’t have to use the clutch cover spring anymore.

Jherich Silas
Rear Brake return spring

The spring in conjuction with the clevis improved my rear brake feel tremendously. The improvement was so nice it took no time to adjust and my on trail confidence improved immediately.

Tomer Shemesh

Rear Brake Return Spring

Cutomer service

I made my first ordee from fasst co. I made a stupid easy mistake ordered the wrong part. It was 100 percent my fault by the time I relized I made the mistake the part was already shipped but John from fasst co was excellent to talk to on the phone and was completely understanding to the situation got the correct part shipped and upon the return of the incorrect part I will be refunded the money for the part I ordered incorrectly. It was an extremely plesent experience and would definitely recommend fasst com to anyone who might need something they sell.