Simple Solution Hand Guard
Simple Solution Hand Guard
Simple Solution Hand Guard
The top hand guard is the moto/enduro bend, the middle is the Adventure, and the bottom is the Super T.

Simple Solution Hand Guard

Regular price$ 135.99

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The Simple Solution for Handguards With Flexx Handlebars

Our in-house, no hassle, easy bolt-on hand guard solution for Flexx Handlebars

Fasst Company’s Simple Solution hand guard for Flexx Handlebars allows easy mounting, with maximum strength. Spec’d just as we run our own hand guards, utilizing a threaded anchor to fasten the guard to the handle, with a 10mm button head bolt and stay to secure the guard to the pivot pin. Our hardware prevents snagging, solidly mounting the guards to your Flexx Handlebars, eliminating the ability for the guard to slip out of location.

Available with white, black, orange, blue or red shields.


Enduro/Moto bend requires the Enduro/Moto bend option.  

Adventure bend bars require the Adventure bend hand guard.  

For additional vibration reduction try the Simple Solution guards with Threaded Anti-Vibration Anchors.  


  1. Mounted securely

    Threaded inserts firmly attached the hand guard on both ends

  2. Plastic shield included

    Strong and proven plastic shields come with the kit and are available in black, white or orange

  3. Quick and painless

    The Simple Solution Handguard is a product exclusively designed for our Flexx Handlebars making the installation process hassle-free.

What's in the box

  1. Simple Solution hand guard
  2. Deflector shield
  3. 10mm button head bolt with stainless steel stay
  4. Threaded bar insert with tap

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
jason kors
Great guard

Great products, also have the fasst bars. My only complaint is that the bars should come pre threaded or make it a customer option. No reason why we should be tapping the bars for the price we’re paying for these.

Dirk Hale

would like to see the plastic guard a little bigger or at least have two separate options to decide from -otherwise there awesome!

Steven Reagan
Burliest Hand Guards I’ve Owned

I sit here looking at my muddy bike and assessing any damage that may have befallen it after my tumultuous day at Budds Creek today (track & trails). I slammed into 4 trees today, a multitude of thick branches and laid the bike down several times (was muddy on the trails and my skill level is down near below average). These hand guards are tanks. No damage, bending or movement. I’ve ran Acerbis, Cycra Pro Bends (which I bent) and Enduro Engineering Guards - all are okay in their own right; these are great! Install was a little hard, definitely want to get some leverage when tapping the bar ends but it provides for a way more stable anchoring point; vs those little cheap expansion bolts that seem to loosen up over time. I highly recommend these if running Fasst bars - I tried a modified solution - the adaptor and Cycra Pro Bends but got these after they bent while I was on the Hatfield & McCoy trails. So far so good for these - and after today; I’m sure they’ll be good for the life of the bike.

Scott Sandquist
Good but could use some adjustability

The quality is top notch. Installation was a little challenging (Tapping bar ends), but not too difficult. Because the frame bolts directly to the pivot pin, once mounted, the position of the guards is fixed. Like many riders, I like to stand. While standing, it's better to have my levers rolled forward a little bit. This causes the levers to be less protected. I prefer the levers to be in line with the metal frame. It would be nice if there were an adjustable mounting point.